Tina Brown Defends Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson’s article on President Barack Obama in last week’s Newsweek has been ripped apart by everyone for its inaccuracies and errors. The New York Times, PoliticoThe Atlantic and more have all shredded Ferguson’s absurd piece. But Tina Brown is cool with it.

Politico reports that Brown took to Ferguson’s defense this morning on MSNBC. She said that while she didn’t agree with Ferguson’s thoughts on Obama, she was fine with the article:

I actually don’t agree with most of what he says in the piece, but I do think the cover of Newsweek is a place to have a war of ideas, to have battles of ideas, and that is certainly what happened.

Supporting a “battle of ideas” is one thing, backing an absurd article for the sake of selling a magazine is another. The Ferguson fiasco should be an embarrssing moment for Brown and Newsweek. Instead she’s once again telling the world that bad press is okay, as long as people are talking. But you have to wonder how much longer this can go on. A magazine can only take a certain amount of mud being slopped on it before it gets buried.