Sound Off With Your Thoughts About the Geithner Put Today On Facebook

Pissed off about the way the U.S. is managing the economy? Think Timothy Geithner’s strategy to solving the global economic crisis is a good one? Whatever your position is, you have the opportunity to sound off during a live Q&A session with Timothy Geithner today on Facebook via the Newsweek Facebook page. While Timothy won’t be taking live questions from the audience, it’s one of many new live events being promoted through Facebook.

So far only 9 people have posted comments for the live interview so if Timothy Geithner does by chance decide to visit the live streaming page, there’s a chance he’ll see one of your questions. While it would be interesting to accept questions from the Facebook audience, unscreened questions anywhere on the Internet is probably not the best idea.

So far 860 people have RSVPed to attend the streaming event which will be held at the National Press Club here in Washington, D.C. Timothy Geithner has become a leading face behind the new economic stimulus and bailout packages attracting a substantial amount of criticism as well as some rare praise. He pretty much has one of the toughest jobs in the world today, responsible for making decisions that will determine whether the economy sustains itself or spawns a global depression.

Whether or not you like the decisions that Geithner is making, it will be an interesting interview to watch. Geithner has also been the subject of much controversy outside of his decisions related to the U.S. financial crisis. For a number of years, Geithner failed to pay self-employment taxes and he came under fire for it by the Senate panel who was considering his nomination.

Ultimately he has moved beyond tax controversy and is now handling more important things like managing the U.S. economy. If you want to watch the interview later today you can view it at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time on the Newsweek Facebook page.