TimesSelect Goes Free — For A Week

timesselect_free_logo.jpgThomas Friedman‘s dream has come true. TimesSelect, the New York Times‘ walled-off premium content that we media bloggers love skewer, is going free this week as part Philips’ “Sense and Simplicity” national marketing campaign — the same one that made the Week magazine free for 100,000 New York commuters on Friday.

That’s right. Today through November 12, David Brooks, Maureen Dowd, Friedman, Bob Herbert, Nicholas D. Kristof, Paul Krugman, Frank Rich and the rest of the Times op-ed crew are free to all nytimes.com visitors.

And lest you think free means less work: On Monday, Friedman subjects himself to an online Q+A. We’re hoping he’s as candid as he was here, when he told us why he hates TimesSelect:

Why NYT‘s Thomas Friedman Hates TimesSelect