Times Suspends TV Writer After View Appearance


We assume the Times knew about Ogunnaike’s VH1 appearances

While New York Times‘ television and entertainment writer Lola Ogunnaike was “remarkably poised and telegenic” in her Oct. 16 appearance on The View, her bosses were decidedly less effusive, suspending her for not giving them advance warning of her stint as “special guest co-host,” Jossip reports. Coupled with her recent spate of ABC coverage for the paper (The View‘s parent network), present and former colleagues are scratching their heads over what on earth Ogunnaike was thinking.

When hitting The View last week (not her first foray into national television, as she’s appeared more than once on the Today show), Ogunnaike went on-record with her decision not to move in with her husband prior to marrying, citing her mom as trotting out that old “cow… milk” single-girl saw we’ve had fingers wagged at us about, too. Only Ogunnaike took it a step further, informing her co-hosts and the larger View-watching public that her now-husband’s “enjoyed a few milkshakes since then.” To join the embattled Ogunnaike in taking a metaphor too far: But do they bring all the boys to the yard?