Times Says Lower Manhattan a New York Media Hotspot

Way back in the day, Lower Manhattan was home to a ton of newspapers, mainly because of its proximity to City Hall. Now, according to the New York Times, that area is getting a rebirth. This time, however, its not just newspapers taking up residence there, it’s “the current lords of journalism,” the media. We told you about Condé Nast setting up shop in 1 WTC, but in addition to them, there are about 60 media companies moving to, or already using space, in Lower Manhattan.

Sure that seems like a lot, but FishbowlNY knows that the Times enjoys fabricating trends, so we’re not going to give this report too much credit. Especially when we read sentences like this:

‘The days of reporters drinking and brawling together after work are gone,’ Helen Kennedy, a reporter for The Daily News, lamented in an e-mail. ‘Everyone goes to the gym now, or home to their 2.5 kids.’

While we don’t personally know Helen Kennedy, we find it hard to believe that she misses punching her colleagues in the face after a few Michelob Ultras. But maybe that’s just us.