Time’s Russkie-Themed Party


It looks like this Time‘s choice of Vladimir Putin as Person of the Year inspired a Russian-themed boozeathon. In the Post, Keith Kelly reported:

Meanwhile, Time Managing Editor Rick Stengel, after picking Vladimir Putin as the Man of the Year, had a “pour” on Wednesday night in the Time conference room. He then brought about 35 staffers over to the Russian Samovar on West 52nd Street and Broadway to continue the celebration. “I had my shot of first horseradish vodka,” said Stengel. Stengel personally flew to Russia to get the 31/2-hour interview for the cover profile, and with Putin deciding to stay put as the Prime Minister when his term as president expires, it seemed a decent choice, albeit one that is unlikely to do much to boost newsstand sales here on the home front.

Horseradish vodka? Yeesh. But as Gogol Bordello put it, “Have you ever been to American wedding? Where is the vodka, where’s marinated herring?” The same can go for American magazine parties, we suppose.