Times Raid on Post A Partial Success

Harry Jaffe reports that Mark Leibovich‘s departure to the New York Times was only one part of a multi-staffer raid that the beleagured NYT bureau had hoped to unleash.

“Sources tell The Washingtonian that White House correspondent Peter Baker got the Bill Keller/Phil Taubman rush. Ditto national-security writer Dafna Linzer. Baker and Linzer seem to be sticking with the Post–for now. ‘I was enormously flattered,’ Baker says. ‘I think the world of the Times. I’ve been at the Post 18 years. It’s a great paper and a great place to work.'”

Leibovich was first courted last summer, but turned the Times down.

The biggest question now: Where does this leave the Style section? Leibovich was their edgiest writer and one of the few non-critics with a distinctive voice. Is Deb Heard‘s territory about to become the Libby Copeland‘s section?