Times Plunges ‘Bus Plunge’ | Graydon’s Desk | Al-Jazeera USA | Rather’s Return | MySpace Under Attack |


  • Al-Jazeera U.S.: To launch Wednesday. [USA Today]
  • Rather’s Return: First story on Iraq vets. [TVNewser]
  • Op-ed Columnist John Tierney’s: Last column. [ETP]
  • TiVo: To allow sharing of videos. [WSJ]
  • MySpace: Under attack over death row diaries [Telegraph]
  • What Happened: To the Times‘ “bus-plunge” story? [Slate]
  • Daily News City Editor: Jumps to CUNY J-School. [NYP]
  • Graydon Carter’s: Desk. [Jossip]
  • Universal’s: Urinal ads. [Defamer]