Times‘ Murdoch Exposé Fizzles Out

The much-anticipated Times investigation of Rupert Murdoch is out. A day late — it was originally supposed to appear on Sunday, June 24 — apparently because the Times lawyers had a field day with it. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing we didn’t know about Rupe before. No juicy exposés, no Wendi Deng scandals, no frightening influence-peddling, none of that. Just 3,900 words on an old-fashioned Hearst-ian mogul.


  • News Corp. lobbyists include Ed Gillespie, Al D’Amato and Rudy Giuliani.

  • Murdoch donated $500,000 to Bill Clinton‘s Global Initative.

  • When Nielsen Media Research switched to a new method of measuring television ratings, Murdoch launched a “grass-roots ground war” to force them to change back.

  • Harry Evans really hates Murdoch.

But the most surprising thing here is what wasn’t mentioned. Although there was lots of talk of old news like Murdoch trying to kill Chris Patten‘s book, there was little new in the Times‘ exposé.

What’s of much more interest, however, is Ken Auletta‘s New Yorker revelation that Bloomberg and the New York Times are actively trying to lure away WSJ reporters leery of a Murdoch-owned Journal.


  • Times To Publish Controversial Rupe Investigation Sunday