Times’ Kit Abandons D.C.

Fishbowl is launching today on a day when one of Washington’s star reporters is moving on. The Times’ Kit Seelye, who’s spent the last 11 years in the Washington bureau and is a veteran of the last four presidential cycles (including Clinton `92, Dole `96, and Gore `00), is starting a new job today at Times HQ in New York where she’ll be covering the world of media and journalism, taking the beat formerly held by Wesleyan Admissions Expert Jacques Steinberg.

Steinberg, who made some hay on the beat with the Jayson Blair scandal and received laudatory treatment in Seth Mnookin’s new Hard News, is making the switch to reporting on television, as we noted here last week.

We wish Katharine Q., our new “competitor,” the best, but as they say, this town wasn’t big enough for the both of us.