Times‘ Keller Says He’s The ‘Favorite Chew-Toy Of Both Right And Left’


[photo: Ann Weathersby, New York magazine]

On Friday, Bill Keller, the executive editor of the New York Times, was just where you’d expect him to be: at a hotel in Providence, Rhode Island.

Via the Providence Journal:

“I am optimistic about the business we are in,” Bill Keller, Times executive editor, told about 75 editors and reporters at the annual fall meeting of the New England Associated Press News Executives Association at The Westin Providence hotel.

“There is a dispiriting preoccupation with money” in journalism nowadays, Keller said. The flight of readers from traditional newspapers to the Internet is a trend to be concerned about, he said, but not at the expense of sacrificing the traditional aims of American newspapers, such as giving citizens the news they need to make reasonable judgments in a democratic society.

“Who would want to live in a country” without a vigorous news media, Keller said. “What would they whine about if it were not for us.”

“Yes, we’re in for a turbulent time,” Keller said. “But I don’t think people should be so preoccuiped with the future of the business that we forget why we are here.”

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