TimeFrames Reviews The Past Decade In Print, Online And On Your Television

As we reach November’s end, it’s time for one of my favorite annual customs: Looking back. Few do this better than Time magazine, and, this time, the magazine is not only reviewing the past year, but major news events of the decade now coming to an end.

Time‘s single-topic retrospective, titled TimeFrames, went live online this morning and will be available on newsstands this Friday. The magazine has also joined with CNN to produce a primetime show, “TimeFrames: A John King Special.” The special, which features interviews with managing editor Richard Stengel, Time executive editor Nancy Gibbs, Joe Klein, Fareed Zakaria and other Time editors and writers, will air tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. ET and throughout this holiday weekend.

In addition, the magazine has worked on an ad campaign focused on Time magazine’s iconic red border.

Further information can be found online at www.time.com/timeframesissue, including a video on Time‘s reporting of the major events of the past ten years, featuring Gibbs.

In his letter to readers, Stengel touches upon a particular duality when taking a look at our rapidly changign world:

In our networked world, nothing ever goes away, but nothing seems to last very long either. At the same moment, ephemeral things seem permanent, and what should be permanent vanishes in an instant. Even the most defining storoes of our time can become casualties of hit-and-run journalism, measured in second-by-second spikes of traffic. That’s why, with this first TimeFrames issue, we take a longer view. At the end of an extraordinary decade, we revisit the major stories of the past 10 years and write about what we’ve learned. Information these days is a commodity; understanding is scarce.