Time.com Launches First Sports Blog, Keeping Score

Content will cover sports and culture worldwide

In the past few years, Time.com has rolled out a number of new verticals covering everything from technology to health to politics. But until now, the site hasn't had a destination for all of Time’s sports coverage. So just in time for March Madness, Time.com is launching its first sports blog, Keeping Score.

Articles will cover sports around the world—including the upcoming Olympics—and their larger cultural, economic and political impact. “Keeping Score will be much more than a chronicle of games and statistics,” Time.com managing editor Catherine Sharick wrote in a staff email announcing the blog. “It will explore the key issues and personalities, controversies and trends, driving the daily conversation about sports.” The blog lives in the site’s entertainment vertical which was expanded last year.

Keeping Score will include reporting from Time sports columnist Sean Gregory and other Time.com writers, including Nick Carbone, who is currently listed as a blog contributor along with Gregory. “We don't think we've ever seen so many people volunteer to write for a new blog” said Sharick, adding, “We fully expect more writers and editors around the floor to join that roster in the near future."

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