Time Warp! Near Identical VMware Phone Virtualization Headlines in 2008 & 2010

Are you in the mood for a gadget timewarp? Good! Let’s take a look at these two article headlines.

VMware To Launch Mobile Phone Virtualization Technology (CRN)

VMware to virtualize Android smartphones for business users (Network World)

The first article was published in CRN on November 10, 2008. Read that year date carefully: 2008. The second article was was published yesterday in Network World (2 years and 1 month later). It didn’t make sense to attempt virtualization (running multiple operating system instances on a single computer) two years ago the relatively weak processors used in the smartphones of that day. In fact, it doesn’t make much sense to try it even with the 1GHz Snapdragon processors used by my high-end Android phones. It may become an interesting and useful tool when we see dual-core processors in smartphones. This would allow a processor to be dedicated to a virtual platform while the other to continue managing the host system and second mobile platform.