Time Warner WiFi Hotspots New to NYC But Old Here & Have Never Worked for Me

This was surprising news to me

Time Warner Cable Launches Wi-Fi HotSpots

because RoadRunner WiFi hotspots (called Speed Zone) have been in my area for several years. However, I didn’t even bother to check if it existed in NYC when I was there last year. Here’s why: RoadRunner Speed Zone WiFi hotspots are accessible without any additional fee to RoadRunner broadband customers. In my area, these hotspots are available in reasonably high foot traffic areas (e.g., where people actually hang out). So, it should be a good service. The service’s SSID is visible and there isn’t any WEP or WPA2 passphrase invovled. You do, however, need to login to their proxy server. That’s were I’ve always run into problems. I know my RoadRunner account name and password. But, this never seems to get me logged into their proxy server and let me use the hotspot. I called RoadRunner technical support after running into this problem the first time. However, I called from home (it was more convenient) and was told I need to call (voice) from the troublespot in order for them to help me with the problem. The next time I was near a Speed Zone and had some free time, I tried again, had a problem again, called again and was put on hold so long I hung up. I went home, called again from a speakerphone (to deal with the long wait) and verified that my account and password were indeed eligible for the service (it is and was). That was the end of that. I’ve never tried to access Speed Zone again. There are other handy hotspots around that work just fine, thank you.