Time Warner Streaming Video iPad App Too Much for Time Warner's Servers: Demand for Video Viewing Choices? Yep!

I was extremely disappointed when I couldn’t get Time Warner’s new streaming video iPad app working the other night. It was especially frustrating after being tossed from one person to the next without resolving the issue.

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The next morning I contactdd a sixth Time Warner person who gave me the simple reason no one had been able to help me the night before.

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As it turns out, however, even people who live in an area supported by the streaming video service may have been unable to use it. Time Warner’s Director of Digital Communications noted, to his and Time Warner’s credit, that their servers were unable to deal with the heavy demand placed on them by users of their iPad app.

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Their response to the situation is to reduce the number of available channels to 15. If nothing else, it sends a clear message to Time Warner and other video providers that their customers want a choice in the way they view TV programming.