Time Warner Might Leave Manhattan

Time Warner Inc. is searching for a new home. According to Crain’s the New York Times, the company wants to shrink its considerable office space and has begun asking New York, Connecticut and New Jersey officials about the incentives it could get if it moved.

Last week, Jeffrey Bewkes, the CEO of the tiny, cash-strapped mom and pop organization, told the New York Times that merely reducing its physical size could save the company about $150 million.

According to Crain’s, a spokesperson for Time Warner wouldn’t comment about subsidies, only stating that the company has “just begun this process of looking at our real estate footprint and what possibilities we have for the future.”

The city is obviously going to try and keep Time Warner here, and unless another state offers gigantic savings, we don’t see the company going anywhere.

If it does, we only hope that each time Bewkes tries to reach someone about the move, he’s placed on hold for at least 20 minutes, and then when they answer, they act like it’s the first they’ve heard of it, so Bewkes will need to schedule a new appointment. Which won’t be able to be completed that day, of course.