Time Warner Joins Facebook's Fight Against Bullying

Time Warner has joined Facebook's ongoing battle against bullying.

Time Warner has joined Facebook’s ongoing battle against bullying.

“We believe that by working together with parents and teachers, we can teach young people to speak up and stop bullying,” Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, told the Associated Press.

The anti-bullying campaign “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” is scheduled to go into major overdrive by penetrating all forms of media — online, television, radio and magazines.

Time Warner has been heralding the campaign on its Cartoon Network since last year. Beginning in October, the communications corporation will also incorporate the campaign into its CNN network, three of its magazines (People, Sports Illustrated and Time) and plans are underway for a town hall segment on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

Come September when kids typically report back to school, Facebook expects to launch an application that will allow a user to take a pledge to put an end to bullying.

Bullies attack about 13 million children annually, and even President Barack Obama was bullied as a child. He’d conceded that during this March’s White House Conference on Bullying, when Facebook first announced it was expanding the number of ways that you can report abuse on the site.

Over 40 percent of all teenagers with Internet access have reported being bullied online during the past year, according to the National Crime Prevention Center, and girls are more likely to be targets than boys.