Time Stands Still for The Associated Press on Broadway

Four combat journalists from The Associated Press attended a performance of Broadway play Time Stands Still at the Cort Theatre in New York and took the stage afterward for panel discussion on how the play hit close to home when compared with their own experiences.

From left to right in the picture, director of photography Santiago Lyon, staff photographer Julie Jacobson, senior managing editor John Daniszewski, and Washington correspondent Kimberly Dozier broke down Time Stands Still, which stars Laura Linney as a photojournalist and Brian d’Arcy James as a foreign correspondent who return from Iraq and attempt to salvage their relationship.

Jacobson said, “They really did a good job with this. I was rather impressed with all the issues that they talked about,” adding that she identified with the characters feeling disconnected upon returning home.

“It seemed at times as though it was like watching other people act out parts of your own life, Lyon added.

Dozier chimed in, “It makes a great play to talk about adrenaline junkies, but really you’re chasing the headline, you’re chasing the story. Sometimes it’s in Pakistan at parliament, where there’s an argument going on over who is going to be the next leader. And sometimes it’s the front line.”

And Daniszewski said, “It is exhilarating, but the main thing is you feel you’re doing something good. What you’re doing can make a difference.”

The AP has suffered 31 staff fatalities since being founded in 1846.