Time Spins Off Halperin’s ‘The Page’ as App

Mag launches tablet version of political site

Time Inc. is still in talks to sell magazine subscriptions on Apple's iPad, but that hasn’t kept it from rolling out other apps for the tablet. Today, the flagship Time magazine announced it would launch an app featuring news and analysis from The Page by Mark Halperin, Time’s editor at large and senior political analyst.

With the 2012 political season coming up, Time is hoping to position itself as the go-to source for campaign coverage. The app (made free by a sponsorship by ExxonMobil) will include streaming coverage of live events as well as video interviews.

Craig Ettinger, general manager of Time.com, said The Page app is the first of what Time hopes will be other single-topic apps, noting that the magazine also is working on an entertainment-themed one. “We definitely like the idea of leveraging franchises that are particularly strong or lend themselves to a smartphone or tablet,” he said.

The app is an expression of Time Inc.’s strategy to make its content available as widely as possible; to that end, in June it will launch a Time.com app for the Web-connected Samsung TV.

If the idea of people surfing Time.com on TV sounds a bit unlikely, Ettinger said the app is aimed at early adopters and that it puts a greater emphasis on video with the big screen in mind. “We know it’s early, but we wanted to test and see what happens,” he said. “This is a big year for connected TVs.”


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