TIME Appoints First Female Managing Editor

By sheer coincidence, the once iconic newsstand combo of TIME and Newsweek have both this month anointed new senior editorial staff.

Last week, IBT Media announced that Jim Impoco was being handed the reins of Newsweek. Today, Time Inc. EIC Martha Nelson made it official by sharing the news that Nancy Gibbs has been promoted to replace the departed Rick Stengel as managing editor:

I cannot think of a more perfect person than Nancy to lead TIME. She has done an outstanding job running TIME since July, when I asked Rick to assist me with corporate matters related to our upcoming spin off. Her cover stories in the past weeks on Syria, collegiate sports and child-free couples have been huge successes with readers and in the media, and, in the same period, she launched TIME’s Martin Luther King Jr. anniversary special issue in tandem with a new documentary film unit, Red Border Films, that is expanding the way TIME tells stories through video online…

I would be remiss not to take note of another milestone: Nancy becomes the first woman to hold the managing editor title at TIME. With her at the helm, I expect TIME to continue to flourish and grow on every platform.

Gibbs was previously deputy managing editor and ranks as one of the most published writers in TIME‘s history. She also holds the distinction of having written the most TIME cover stories and has co-authored, with colleague Michael Duffy, the presidential histories The President’s Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity (2012) and The Preacher and the Presidents: Billy Graham in the White House (2007).

Gibbs joined TIME in 1985 as a fact checker and has also twice served at Princeton as the Ferris Professor, teaching a seminar on politics and the press. To read TIME‘s official announcement, click here. And there is also Gibbs letter to readers. Nelson, by the way, separately became Time Inc.’s first female editor-in-chief in January.

In her remarks this afternoon to staff, Gibbs quipped that she is ”the first managing editor to wear pumps – so far as we know.”

[Photo credit: Peter Hapak]