TIME Responds to Hillary Clinton ‘Horns’ Accusation

Does she look devilish to you?

hillary-finalPolitics: it’s so much fun!

You could hear someone sneeze in Washington D.C., say “Bless You” and someone from either side will give rear up for political fisticuffs because you either advocate prayer in public or you weren’t considerate of other religions around you.

Much is the same for art.

These days, photographers can’t even run a nice silhouette-style cover pic without being accused of something.

This TIME cover, for example, is obviously a story about presidential candidate former Secretary of State and email lampoon Hillary Clinton.

See, the “M” in the logo? Yeah, people are accusing Time of giving her horns. Like, on purpose. 

While this may seem like a ridiculous leap to some, it is an easy step to take for others. To wit, Time magazine’s political reporter Zeke Miller notes that this isn’t the first time the August mag has faced such accusations. In fact, he compiled a list of 34 other people — including a few heads-of-state and even some Popes — accused of appearing with Satan’s signature look.

Granted, if this is Clinton’s profile, the horns would be facing in a different direction, but hey…this is art here! Keep your head up, cover art guy. We feel you.