Time Publishes Orlando Shooting Victims’ Names on Latest Cover

In memoriam.

orlando-time-coverTime’s latest cover is moving for all the wrong reasons. Against a black background, the names and ages of all 49 victims of the Orlando shooting are listed.

Inside the issue, Time Washington bureau chief Michael Scherer noted how this tumultous election season played a part in the nation’s reaction to the massacre:

The next steps seemed easy to predict: national mourning, bipartisan shows of unity and a redoubling of resolve. But somehow the script went sideways, and the country veered off track. It was not just that these murders struck at the tender inflammation of three long-divisive topics: guns, God and Gays. The killer attacked in a season of turmoil as voters considered an election that was fast becoming a national referendum on the country’s very identity, its commitment to pluralism and its role as a beacon in the world. The terror this time did not unite. It tore.

The new issue of Time hits newsstands tomorrow.