Time Prepares To Cover Election Season

Time and Time.com are revving up to cover the election season. The magazine’s managing editor, Richard Stengel, wrote a letter to readers discussing some of the highlights of their upcoming coverage, including reporting by their vast campaign team of reporters and photographers.

Here’s a breakdown of what Time has in store:

Daily reporting on Time.com — Commentary and analysis of the campaign on Swampland, Time‘s must-read political blog, from Time political team Michael Duffy, Mark Halperin, Joe Klein, Michael Crowley, David Von Drehle, Michael Grunwald, Michael Scherer, Nancy Gibbs, Bart Gellman, Jay Newton-Small, Massimo Calabresi, Kate Pickert and Alex Altman.

Joe Klein: Election Road Trip 2010 — Time columnist Joe Klein is taking a road trip across America during the month of September, stopping in 12 states and more than 15 cities to take the pulse of the country during the 2010 primary season. Klein will attend local events and rallies, connect with voters on the ground and be joined for different legs of his journey by local entertainers, political leaders and journalists. Klein will document the trip regularly on Time.com’s Swampland blog, including posting photos and videos from the road. He will be joined by photographer Peter van Agtmael.

Weekly Statewide Time/CNN Polls — Time and CNN, in partnership with the Opinion Research Corporation, will conduct weekly statewide polls of key races this fall and then publish the results online every Wednesday evening and in the magazine each week.

24/7 Updates From The Page — Mark Halperin will continue to provide round-the-clock political updates on The Page, Time.com’s one-stop website for all the latest on the campaign front — from breaking news, to TV ads, to schedules of the big events, to strategy memos. Halperin will continue to provide keen insight and unparalleled access to the personalities and players driving the campaign. He’ll be providing daily written takes on new developments in key races, and he will be sending in video takes, interviews and photo galleries from out on the trail throughout the midterms campaign. The site will also undergo a redesign this month, featuring more original video than ever, allowing users across any platform or device to watch and listen to Mark’s analysis.

Races to Watch — Beginning Sept. 13, Time‘s political team will profile dozens of pivotal House races and file weekly reports on the Senate and gubernatorial clashes in key battleground states. Every day on Time.com, there will be a Congressional race to watch and every week there will be a state race to watch. Additionally, each week Time.com will profile a key state at play in the elections.

40 Under 40 — A new list from Time that will identify the rising stars in politics, activism, campaigns and elections.