Time Out New York Switches to Free Distribution [Updated]

Get your free copy every Wednesday, starting April 15.

imageStarting April 15, Time Out New York will be free. The 20-year-old magazine is officially switching to an all-free distribution model, with copies getting handed out each Wednesday in 175 locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Sorry, Staten Island and The Bronx.

Now that Time Out is free, the magazine is obviously hoping subscribers hang on anyway. It is extending current subscribers, and any new subscribers will be charged $25 for a year’s worth of a magazine they can get for free.

Subscribers are being told that the “advantage” of paying for a free product is that they get the magazine delivered to them and they get access to the site (which means there’s likely a paywall going up in April as well).

Will that be enough to keep people paying for Time Out when it’s being given away for free? Maybe. Never underestimate peoples’ laziness.

Update (10:48 am):
A Time Out spokesperson emailed us to say that there is “absolutely no paywall going up.” Which means there’s zero advantage to subscribing.