Time Out New York Seeks To Settle The Great Manhattan Versus Brooklyn Debate

time_out_ny_logo_2.24.10.jpgNever let it be said that Time Out New York ignores its fans. When one reader remarked that the magazine should “either create a separate damned Brooklyn magazine already or keep annoying the crap out of your longtime readers,” TONY took action.

The expert on all things NY (of interest to trendy middle class people between, let’s say, 18 and 35) is officially addressing readers’ concerns that they’ve become too “Brooklyn-centric” of late by organizing an interactive smackdown between the two boroughs. (The Bronx, Staten Island and Queens have yet to be invited to sit at the cool kids’ table. Get more mullets and bars-named-for-the-thing-they-once-were, kiddos.)

More about the raging debate, after the jump.

TONY pits editors Billie Cohen and Kate Lowenstein against one another as they represent Brooklyn and Manhattan, respectively. And, yes, the question “You want indie?” is asked at one point. And then there’s this observation offered by Cohen:

Here is the problem with you Manhattanites. You put too much stock in your icons: Icons are shells that stand as the outward images of something larger, deeper and more meaningful within.

Burn! But the clanging of your fixie’s bike chain tended to drown out half of what you were saying. Just, you know. FYI.

The feature also includes a quiz aimed at helping readers determine which borough is more suited to their needs.

Kudos, then, are in order for TONY for providing a lovely example of how to combine online and print content in a way that caters directly to the needs and interests of readers. Just let us know from which Caracas Arepa Bar outpost your celebratory arepa is coming.