Time Out New York Debuts New Food & Drink Section

Time Out New York is debuting a new Food & Drink section (formerly called, rather sexily, “Eat Out”) in print and online.

The section, which covers food, restaurants and bars across the city’s five boroughs, launched today with a feature story on the city’s best new burgers.  The section also features restaurant reviews, interviews, and “micro-guides to getting the most out of your meal.” (Tip: Chew it!) A new column — “Characters” — offers profiles of the “people behind the food,” as it were, and the “Where to Drink This Week” provides suggestions for places out of which to drunkenly stumble.

To celebrate this new food section, TONY is organizing a “TONY Food & Drink Fest.” Readers who “Like” the magazine on Facebook or “Follow” it on Twitter can enter to win various prizes, including a CHAMPAAAAAGNE MAAAAAGNUM! Which we started drinking about two horus ago, given we happen to be the only people still online today.