Time Out Planning to Bring Lisbon Market Model to New York

Mercado da Ribeira is a hit.

The layout at Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon is airy, communal and bustling. It’s also a dynamic example of how one print-to-digital magazine brand has found a creative new way to operate.

In 2011, Time Out, headquartered in London, was granted a 20-year-license to renovate and manage a large portion of the historic market. Four years later, foot traffic at the locale has greatly exceeded the magazine’s expectations. From a report by Reuters senior correspondent Andrei Khalip:

“This [the market] is a magazine, with various of its sections, brought to life,” said Joao Cepeda, director of Time Out Lisbon and now the chief of international operations of the new Time Out Markets unit that will expand the project overseas.

The venue sells Time Out-brand tours, invites musicians and houses an urban art project called Underdogs, which is a gallery and a public art program for local and foreign artists. Portuguese street artist VHILS is one notable co-founder of Underdogs.

Cepeda said the project was meant to “use our know-how to save the local edition.”

Immediate expansion plans call for a second Portugal market in Porto. Beyond that, Time Out is looking to open similar markets in London in 2017 and New York in 2018.
[Photo via: Time Out]