Time Out Accidentally “Outs” Woman


Over in Time Out New York‘s dating pages, their $50 Date feature focused on a cozy Greenpoint restaurant called Casa Mon Amour. All well and good, except for the picture accompanying the article — two women, deep in conversation.


Both are married. One is a pastor at a Greenpoint church. And the other one’s husband is cropped out of the picture. Whoops.

Thankfully, the non-pastor half of the duo is one of New York’s great, unheralded writers. “Miss Heather” writes the cult favorite New York Shitty blog, dedicated to tracking dog crap in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and environs. It’s compulsively readable, has a soft spot for the eccentricities of North Brooklyn and, of course, featured a blog post about the experience:

There are two woman in the above photograph. I am one of them. The other one is the Co-pastor of the Greenpoint Reformed Church. We are both married; me to a man, her to a woman. If this is any indicator of the accuracy of Time Out New York’s “gaydar” I would like to humbly suggest that it needs a little refining. My above-depicted companion agrees:

TONY tries to be so trendy featuring lesbians on a date. Unfortunately they haven’t updated their gaydar. I may actually write them a letter about it since the implication of the photo isn’t very good for a married member of the clergy.

Appearances aside, we both found the print publication of our “date” very amusing. In fact, the only thing I took issue with was being called a $50.00 date. I cost a lot more than fifty bucks. Just ask my husband (whose hand can been seen in the bottom left-hand corner of the above photo). Monetary considerations aside, my “date” thanked me for a memorable evening.