TIME Mobile for Android Availble

Unlike the paid TIME magazine app for the iPad, I don’t have anything critical comments about their new free Android app. I will note that you should specifically search for “TIME mobile” in the Android Market to find this app. Searching for simply “TIME” results in hits of other apps that may appear to be from TIME Inc. but are not.
The app is quite good and will remain resident on my Droid. Section navigation is done using either a pull-down menu or scrolling the bar at the top of the app horizontally. If you install the app, be sure to turn your phone to landscape mode so you can see the horizontal article navigation view too.
If you wander over to TIME’s technology section, you might be puzzled by the wall-to-wall coverage of comics and movies. Don’t worry. This is because (a) this section appears to come from TIME’s excellent TechLand.com site, (b) TechLand often covers comics books, and (c ) the annual giant Comic Con conference is going on in San Diego this week. So, a lot of TechLand’s articles are focusing on happenings from that conference.