Time Management In The Job Search: How To Do Everything (Hint: You Can’t)

“If my hours were roulette chips,” writes Steve McConaughey, a former marketing director who’s been looking for work since his position was eliminated, “I would place most of them on the networking squares. I would place several others on the squares representing various Internet job sites and those of specific companies in which I am interested. I would place a few on the squares for writing cover letters and tailoring resumes to specific opportunities…”

He’s got a strategy down, clearly. Or he did.

Some of his networking turned into paid consulting gigs, which could lead to full-time work. So he wants to do a good job on these projects, but every hour at work on a project that could disappear tomorrow is an hour he’s not spending meeting people or building his brand.

It is a lot like gambling. There’s the safe bet—billable hours— or the more risky bet of blogging, networking, and visiting job sites. And don’t forget the double-zero, which is probably some monkey wrench you’ve never thought of—cuz the house ALWAYS wins.

We thought about that while reading this post by Abby Schoffman, currently an intern at PR firm Peppercom. She lists four ways to develop your brand online: Tweet, follow industry blogs, start your own blog of course, and keep your LinkedIn up to date. Nothing groundbreaking, but this stuff takes time.

So you gamble. You decide that Twitter offers a better ROI on your job search than your blog, or that consulting should only take up half your day at most. And then you wonder: what if?

photo: Lady AnnDerground