Time Magazine's Social Influence Index Led By Obama, Gaga, Kutcher

influencelogo Time Magazine yesterday published their list of the most influential people in the world, and along with it published their new “Social Influence Index,” which measures appeal by analyzing Facebook and Twitter. The algorithm adds up followers on both Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter accounts and applies a basic formula to even the influence of each network. Leading the pack was President Barack Obama, followed by Lady Gaga, followed by Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher? This can’t be right.

The reason that Ashton is so high on the list is because of his massive campaign to race CNN to 1 million Twitter followers in April of 2009. He won the race by a small margin and has continued to exert an unnormal amount of influence since then. The Time rankings do very clearly state that they are a simple measure, and they are quite aware that ‘more followers’ doesn’t really mean more influence. But it is pretty fascinating to see how important Ashton Kutcher has become since becoming one of the first Twitter superstars. His ability to promote products and connect with an absolutely massive audience in real-time is staggering. Is this a case where the medium empowers a sometimes mediocre message? Perhaps so. Here’s the top of the list.

Barack Obama – 7,740,557
Lady Gaga – 6,697,752
Ashton Kutcher – 6,390,600
Taylor Swift – 5,608,398
Oprah Winfrey – 2,907,504
Robert Pattinson – 2,298,274
Ben Stiller – 1,735,285
Serena Williams – 1,681,207
Conan O’Brien – 1,352,195
Jet Li – 1,220,613
Damon Lindelof – 977,222
Carlton Cuse – 969,097
Sarah Palin – 884,145
Glenn Beck – 621,436
Neil Patrick Harris – 493,561

The full list is available at Time.com, and we suggest you check it out.