Time Magazine Thinks Newspapers Are In Trouble

There is a piece in Time about the peril that newspapers find themselves in. And like a lot of the articles in Time Magazine, it’s stuff you really already know but you’re at your doctors office and why not thumb through hoping that the last person in the office wasn’t there for some communicable disease caught by reading other peoples glossies.

There’s a selling point for the Kindle.

Anyway, writer and former Time managing editor Walter Isaacson enlightens us:

When I used to go fishing in the bayous of Louisiana as a boy, my friend Thomas would sometimes steal ice from those machines outside gas stations. He had the theory that ice should be free. We didn’t reflect much on who would make the ice if it were free, but fortunately we grew out of that phase. Likewise, those who believe that all content should be free should reflect on who will open bureaus in Baghdad or be able to fly off as freelancers to report in Rwanda under such a system.