TIME Magazine Print/iPad Subscription Tie May Reduce Customer Anger

Time Magazine has a great reputation and following in its paper form. However, its iPad magazine-in-an-app has received less aclaim. In fact, its average customer rating for the current veresion is 2 stars (out of 5) and its overall average rating for all versions is a dismal 1.5 stars with 10,438 people voice their displeasure. Most of this displeasure has to do with its current pricing model rather than its content. At $4.99 per issue, it would cost $260 to buy every issue in a year. A one-year subscription for the paper magazine, by comparison can be had for $30 for 56 issues (including special issues).

This displeasure may soon come to an end as The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple and Time Inc. have reached an agreement that would let subscribers of the print magazine to download iPad issues at nost cost. This print subscriber authentication may start as soon as sometime today.

Time Inc. in iPad Deal With Apple (Wall Street Journal article behind a paywall)

Via AppleInsider: Time reaches agreement with Apple for free iPad issues for print subscribers

Time magazine for iPad 3.2.09 (iTunes App Store)