Time Magazine Plans Its iPad Launch – Before Sports Illustrated

Time magazine will be the first title in the Time Inc. family to launch an iPad edition. While managing editor Richard Stengel couldn’t be happier, saying “I was very keen on being present at the creation,” others aren’t quite so enthused.

Sports Illustrated had been poised to be the first Time Inc. publication to make it onto the iPad, even creating a video presentation — back in 2009 — of how a digital version of their magazine might look.

And, months ago, Time Inc. president and group publisher Mark Ford announced he had a list of 30 advertisers that had showed an interest in advertising for an iPad edition of Sports Illustrated.

Time Inc. editor in chief John Huey addressed the issue:

Sports Illustrated, which has pioneered our tablet magazine development, has plans to release a fully loaded version of a magazine for tablets soon. But for the iPad launch, which is practically upon us, we thought Time made the most sense. It’s our flagship news brand, it has a huge, influential audience, and we’re anxious to get this new alternative into their hands.

Time‘s iPad edition is due out next month, when the device launches. Sports Illustrated will have to wait until this summer to debut their version.