Keith Grossman Hires CRO, Grows Marketing Team at Time

As media orgs diversify revenue, what does that mean for staff?

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The new hires are tasked with expanding the legacy magazine's offerings beyond the page. Time

Keith Grossman’s leadership team at Time is starting to take shape, less than two months after he joined the publication, with the addition of a new chief revenue officer and three marketing executives as the company diversifies its revenue streams.

Time is taking this step to establish organizational structure at a challenging period for all media organizations as they look for new areas of growth and build teams around them, while striving to preserve editorial integrity.

Grossman announced in a memo to staff today that Viktoria Degtar would join Time as CRO; Susanna Schrobsdorff will have dual roles as the company’s senior vice president of partnerships as well as executive editor; Radhika Prakash will join as senior vice president of brand and content marketing; and Maya Draisin as senior vice president of progress marketing. Each person will have their own team and report directly to Grossman.

Degtar worked with Grossman at Bloomberg, was vp of sales at HuffPo, and held roles at Federated Media, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and the Financial Times. Degtar is expected to be based in London through July 2020 to help “build ‘local’ infrastructures internationally,” Grossman said in the memo. The entire Time sales team will report to her.

Schrobsdorff will continue to work internally to increase partnerships with brands, with the opportunity for the role to expand as Time pursues additional revenue opportunities, such as events. She will continue to write her column, The Pursuit of Happy-ish, when she can, Grossman said in the memo.

Prakash, most recently the global head of content strategy and media at BlackRock, will seek to define Time’s brand and create custom content for brand partners.

After serving as vp of marketing at Condé Nast, Draisin will join Time in a consumer-facing role. As the publication innovates new revenue streams, she’ll be tasked with explaining what they will look like to readers.

“Right now, we are in the ‘do’ phase of our evolution—we are not yet at ‘tell’—and are thrilled to be able to navigate this transition with the incredible talent of these four individuals,” Grossman wrote in an email to Adweek.

@SaraJerde Sara Jerde is publishing editor at Adweek, where she covers traditional and digital publishers’ business models. She also oversees political coverage ahead of the 2020 election.