Fake Time Magazine Trump Cover Is Another Brick in the Twitter Wall

Shrug it off, tweet on

To paraphrase Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall,” a sizable chunk of journalists and associated Twitter users over the weekend embraced the idea ‘We don’t need no verification…’

Never mind that Time magazine typically reveals their next cover at the end of the work week. Or that the artistry and layout of this particular fake ‘Liar in Chief’ cover is well below the Time Inc. publication’s standards. The faux artwork was freely passed around Twitter on Sunday and then, just as freely, cavalierly dismissed.

A credible fake? Hmm, does that then make this semi-fake news? Fishbowl prefers to view the image as more blank ammunition for the knee-jerk firing range that is, so often, Twitter. Where stuff tends to be passed on by users without research, reading the associated article in question, and so on.

A June 11 pick-up of the fake cover on Indian website Janta Ke Reporter has since been deleted. Mediaite was first to the debunking party, followed by a number of other Indian websites.