Outlets React to Time Magazine’s Evelyn Waugh Whoopsie

Chuckling in quick Internet step at an embarrassing blunder: The Federalist, Bustle and The Observer.

A gift from the Thursday gods. That’s how a Time magazine blunder is shaping up for folks on Feb. 25 point-and-post Internet duty.

There will be many fun ledes addressing the inclusion by data journalist David Johnson of pseudonymous abbreviated male writer Evelyn Waugh (or in this case, Evelyn Whaaaa?) at #97 in a list of the “100 Most-Read Female Writers in College Classes.” But out of the gate, please enjoy the following three.

David Harsanyi, senior editor, The Federalist:

Time magazine asks: “What do more than 1 million reading lists reveal about higher education today?” Well, what they reveal is that someone at Time shouldn’t be writing about reading lists.

Emma Oulton, London-based contributor, Bustle:

Awkward alert — Time just made the same mistake I made in high school, except the magazine did it in front of the entire Internet: Its writers thought Evelyn Waugh was a woman.

John Bonazzo, editorial assistant, The Observer:

It seems no one at Time Magazine has seen Lost in Translation.

By the way, in the Methodology paragraph (above) for the Time piece, it is mentioned that the Notable Names Database was used to confirm author genders. When you click on Waugh’s name in the NNDB, the following comes up. E.g., no way to blame them:

[H/T: The Huffington Post]