Time Journo: Hey Readers, What Beat Do You Want Me To Cover?

0108cullen.jpgWhen a writer for one of the world’s best known magazines want to change her job beat, what does she do? When Time employment reporter Lisa Takeuchi Cullen came to the crossroads… she posted a blog entry about it. Cullen’s just looking for some advice from the masses:

As 2008 begins, I’m giving some thought to where I want my writing career to go. It seems clear to me that we’re in an age when journalists are becoming brands. If I had a sub sit in for me for a month in this here space, would you keep reading? (All right, don’t all cheer at once.) And if I were to shape myself as a brand, what do I want the brand associated with?

Here’s the thing. Jim Poniewozik covers TV. Lev Grossman writes about video games. Joel Stein‘s beat is food. To do their jobs, Jim watches Heroes; Lev plays Halo; Joel eats horse.

And me? I write about… work. To do my job, I… work. You see where I’m going here? What’s wrong with me that I would pick—out of all the beats in the world to cover – work?

So help me. I need a new beat for 2008, friends. I have some ideas, and I’m going to run them by you soon. But I need yours. Tell me what you think I should cover – what you’d like to read more about online and in the magazine, and would allow me to spend my workdays in five-star spas. In comments, onegaishimasu.

So give Cullen some inspiration, people.