Time Inc.’s New Lifestyle Group Editor: ‘It’s a Short Road From How to Clean a Shotgun to How to Bake a Cake’

(Via Adweek)

Sid Evans, the former Editor-in-Chief of Garden & Gun who joined Time Inc. in July, has always been on the more manly side of the magazine industry. Before joining Garden & Gun he worked at Field and Stream, so the guy knows a thing or two about putting masculine content into magazines.

However, at Time, he’s overseeing Cooking LightSouthern Living, Coastal LivingSunset and This Old House. Yes, plenty of dudes enjoy cooking and decorating tips, but you see what we’re saying here: The change has been abrupt. Like any talented editor though, Evans thinks of the change as a good thing, and in an interview with Adweek, he explained why.

He says that he intends to bring more informative pieces to the Lifestyle Group titles, and small updates will end up making a huge difference.

“One thing men’s magazines do well is service,” said Evans. “It’s a short road from how to clean a shotgun to how to bake a cake. I think there are opportunities for improvement here. It comes down to the basics: improving the design, improving the photography, improving the writing — sort of across the board. One of my mandates is to put the reader first. It’s easy to lose sight of that because you’re doing a lot of things. We’re going to make some improvements on the newsstand — that’s definitely a focus.”

It sounds like Evans realizes that in the end good content makes for good magazines. That’s something any gender can appreciate.