Time Inc.’s Digital Audience Grows

Time__Inc_-logo-2ED06AA15C-seeklogo.com_Time Inc.’s digital presence is on the upswing. Ad Age reports that for the first time, the publisher’s digital audience has exceeded its print audience.

According to ComScore, in November Time Inc.’s collection of sites (including desktop and mobile) had 107 million unique visits. Meanwhile, Time Inc.’s print audience for fall was 104 million.

As Ad Age notes, this is a good sign for a media company hoping to start the new year right:

This is an important mile marker for Time Inc., which is looking to its websites to help offset declining print revenue. A large digital audience could mean more attention from advertisers. At the same time, however, print advertising — even in decline — remains a more lucrative business for Time Inc., which can fetch higher ad rates in print than online.