Time Inc.’s Breakfast Site Has a Bacon Critic


If you’re going to have a site entirely dedicated to the first meal of the day, you might as well hire someone to review dead pig. This, we imagine, was the logic behind Time Inc. naming Scott Gold bacon critic for its breakfast site Extra Crispy.

Gold is a New Orleans-based food and drink writer and author of The Shameless Carnivore: A Manifesto for Meat Lovers. His work has appeared in Gourmet, Edible Brooklyn, Thrillist, Eater, Tasting Table and more.

Gold will serve a three-month long appointment, from September to November. At the end of his tenure he’ll name the best bacon in the nation.

“We were looking for a meat-obsessed journalist with a unique writing voice and jones for adventure, and Scott is exactly that,” said Extra Crispy site director Ryan Grim, in a statement. “The man wrote a book about eating almost every kind of meat on the planet, so there’s no question he’s qualified. Scott’s hilarious and full of bacon knowledge and Louisiana charm. He’s going to absolutely slay as Bacon Critic.”