Time Inc.’s ‘Black Thursday’: Discuss!

black_thursday_time_inc.jpgVia mediabistro.com’s bulletin boards, some intelligent, interesting chatter about yesterday’s bloodletting at Time Inc.:

If 200 journalists are tumbling at once onto the NYC-area market — and anyone can count the number of jobs available here on MB daily (yes, you can of course find or network your own) — I wonder how many of them will 1) leave NYC (and go where?) and/or 2) leave journalism 3) into what field(s)? 4) freelance 4) teach or …? I doubt anyone will or can statistically track this large exodus, and maybe no one will feel like discussing what happens to them next, but it could offer some hard data points on what fired journalists do, and how long it takes them to find re-employment in the field or elsewhere. This is absolutely not meant to show a lack of compassion for anyone being fired but a larger desire to see or understand the bigger labor picture from the employees’ side. The bosses and their firms’ financial woes will always make headlines, but fellow journalists/employees and their paths interest me as much if not more.

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