Time Inc. Meetings Focus on Positives

Feeling good, feeling fine.

Time Inc.’s fourth quarter didn’t go as planned, but a recent series of town hall meetings at the publisher managed to remain positive.

According to WWD, Time Inc. CFO Jeff Bairstow said the company was “on track” financially.  Staffers reported that judging by CEO Joe Ripp’s comments, it seemed like layoffs (at least for now) were on the back burner.

Time’s editor-in-chief Nancy Gibbs and publisher Meredith Long co-hosted a presentation that celebrated the magazine’s photojournalism. The duo also boasted that Time was beloved by young people.

Despite the overall good vibes, a chart that presented Time as a more “trusted” news source than The New York Times was viewed skeptically by at least one staffer. “I don’t know where they got that chart,” the source told WWD. “I don’t know who made it.” If you can’t trust a chart on trustworthiness, what can you trust?

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