Time Inc. Makes all iPad Magazines Free for Print Subscribers

Starting today, all Time Inc. iPad magazines are free for print subscribers. The move is a push to get more people to sign up for traditional subscriptions, but also indicates progress between Apple and Time to finally get their situation sorted out.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Maurice Edleson, Time Inc.’s General Counsel, has been meeting with Apple to try and work out a deal, and freeing up the iPad magazines marks a step in the right direction.

The announcement will also help ease the pain on Wednesday, when Time Warner – Time Inc.’s parent company – releases earnings that aren’t expected to be good for the publishing house:

Though revenue declines have abated, Time Inc. faces key questions about both its prospects for growth and how it fits into Time Warner’s long-term plans. The lion’s share of Time Inc.’s profit comes from a small group of magazines led by People and Sports Illustrated that is heavily dependent on a U.S. market with limited upside.