Time Inc. Launches Sponsored Video Series

Time Inc. — like any publisher — needs as many revenue streams as possible, and so it is turning to sponsored videos. The company has launched a series titled “Lightbulb,” which features Time Inc. staffers asking various people why they’re so great.

In the second LightBulb installment, Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich interviews Tavi Gevinson.

Adweek reports that each LightBulb episode is sponsored by Glade. You will know this because there’s an ad for Glade before the video begins, “Presented by Glade” written on the screen after the ad and during the interview, and Glade products on a table between Franich and Gevinson. Glade, Glade, Glade.

LightBulb is pure fluff and we honestly can’t see why anyone would watch it, but hey, Time Inc. got S.C. Johnson (parent of Glade) to pay for it, so job well done.

The deal was so good it even resulted in this statement from S.C. Johnson’s senior VP of global corporate affairs: “This partnership gives Glade a relevant storytelling platform and a way to inspire conversations about scent and feelings.” Conversations about scent and feelings! Oh man. People are amazing.