Time Inc. Kills ‘Office Pirates’


In what will surely join the likes of Pathfinder and New Coke in the history of overhyped failures, Time Inc. has decided to shutter Office Pirates, its foray into the online humor space, just seven months into its ill-conceived existence.

Keith Kelly reports:

The Web site, captained by former Details and Maxim Editor-in-Chief Mark Golin, was supposed to be a way for the media giant to reach a young male market with a snarky Web site that spoofed office corporate culture. … Golin apparently gets to stay on board and continue his assignment as some kind of roving editor-at-large without portfolio. The company has told the staff it will try to find a place for them elsewhere in the company. The site goes dark on Sept. 1.

According to Alexa.com, the site’s average of 13 million page views per day in February had fallen to under 5 million by March but had surged back recently to above 10 million.


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