Time Inc. CEO Ripp Said to be Uninvolved in Son’s Promotion

Younger Ripp named publisher of Sports Illustrated

A company spokesman said Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp wasn't involved in his son Brendan Ripp’s promotion to publisher of Sports Illustrated.

“The decision to promote Brendan was made by Todd Larsen in consultation with Mark Ford,” the rep emailed. “CEO Joe Ripp was informed of the decision in advance of the announcement but did not have any involvement in the process.”

Ford is president of the Sports Group and an evp of Time Inc. Larsen is evp and group president of News and Sports.

Ripp was promoted yesterday to succeed Frank Wall, who took a job at Turner Sports, a sibling company of Time Warner until Time Inc.’s anticipated spinoff as an independent company later this year.

Ripp was previously vp of sales and marketing of Fortune. He briefly was the publisher of flagship Time magazine earlier in his career. He went on to become the publisher of lower-profile Money.  

While Ripp’s promotion has drawn attention because of his family ties to the CEO, companies like Time Inc. traditionally fill from within without a formal search process. This search was notable for its speed; sources said Wall resigned earlier this month, suggesting the search took less than three weeks. (For comparison's sake, Time Inc. took three months to fill the positions of group publisher of news and business and Sports Illustrated in the past.)

Time Inc. declined to comment on the SI search process or whether other candidates were considered.