Time Goes Long on Mad Men

The latest Time features plenty for fans of Mad Men. Hey, don’t complain to us about there being other news to cover, we don’t call the shots at Time. Not yet…

As for the issue, there’s Time’s media critic, James Poniewoziktaking a behind-the-scenes tour of the Mad Men set; interviews with the show’s creator Matthew Weiner and lead actor Jon Hamm; a piece explaining why Mad Men was able to resonate so deeply with viewers and much more.

“It’s starting to dawn on me, the finality of the experience,” Weiner told Time. “I had an idea for a scene for Roger and as I was telling it to the writers’ assistant and she was writing it down, I was kind of overwhelmed. I realized I’d just thought of Roger’s last scene.”

The Mad Men centric issue of Time hits newsstands tomorrow.