Time for New Times –Greatest Tabloid Story Ever!


FBLA can’t wait for New Times to charge into town and lay waste to the LA Weekly and scare the LA Times. In the Palm Beach edition of the alt-weekly, Tabloid Baby found what may be the greatest tabloid story ever:

A multimillionaire loves his daughter…so much… he marries her… in a ceremony at Westminister Abbey.

The multimillionaire dad is D. Bruce McMahan and his daughter/bride Linda Marie Hodge McMahan Schutt.

Tony Ortega, an editor with some cojones, and his reporter Kelly Cramer gathered court documents and exhibits that include McMahan’s denial of Linda’s paternity, the paternity test that allegedly proves him wrong, details of McMahan and Linda’s extraordinary wedding and their years as lovers, and Linda’s videotaped deposition.

As the story went to press, the team fought off five lawsuits (from sons, daughters, spouses, boyfriends, and probably the pool boy) and Sitrick & Co. As part of the settlement, a federal judge in San Diego sealed the files of the California lawsuit and wiped out any record that the lawsuit had ever existed.

This story has everything–sex, money, scandal, low doings in high places. If that’s going on in Palm Beach, imagine what might be happening here.